There are only some places on Earth which are keen to re engineer themselves to make them better places to live for its residents and also make the tourism experience for its tourists more spectacular than one could possibly imagine. Dubai ranks high among such places. Dubai – one of the seven emirates that make up UAE, and also the busiest and most populous among its other sibling emirates has had the attention of the Middle East and the world for long.

Dubai attracts more than 10 million visitors annually and is ranked 7th in the most desirable tourist destinations in the world and also 1st  in providing luxury homes. The Burj Khalifa has become the hottest pick of rich businessmen and celebrities for owning a luxury house on the mammoth tower; it is not only the world’s tallest building but also the smartest, safest and the most luxurious one. With most of real estate businesses seeing a drop around the globe owing to sluggish economy, this industry is growing in Dubai like never before. The engineering master pieces of Dubai like the ‘Palm Island’, ‘Burj Khalifa’, ‘Floating Bridge ’, ’Burj Al Arab Aquarium’, ’Dubai Fountain’, ’Burj Al Arab’, ‘Dubai Mall’ and many more in this exquisite list attract millions of visitors to this place every year and many of them are inspired to settle in here as they see scope of fulfilling their ambitions in this fast growing city.


One of the very reasons for the rise in Dubai’s economy and also the expansion and boom of real estate in recent years is the decision of Highness Crown Prince of Dubai regarding foreign freehold ownership of real estate in Dubai. Due to this, many foreign investors have started investing in the low risk, high resale value properties of Dubai.

With its GDP amongst the highest in the world, Dubai is surely the place everybody wants to move in to fulfill their ambitions and take a share of its rising economy. Dubai which has no natural resources except for oil has shown the world the way to success even when the opportunities were limited in the high temperature , mostly desert landscape of Dubai. It is one of the most active engineering surfaces on Earth where over the years engineering has defied limitations and has made Dubai grow at a speed none could think of.


Most of us have heard of Dubai’s growth pace and its booming economy but what we are not aware of is that it is one of the safest places on earth to live in. It is one place where most of the people are of Indian origin and very few of the emirates and the rest are tourists who chose to settle. It is one place where racial discrimination is strictly prohibited and though it is a religious city being a part of the UAE but its atmosphere is unheard of spiritual differences and vengeances and each one is allowed to follow what he wants. Interestingly there are ample number of churches there as there are mosques in Dubai and spiritual freedom plays a big role in its flourishing economy.

What comes as a conclusion to all these facts and statements is that if there is one place on Earth where you can get awestricken by the engineering, live in harmony and achieve phenomenal growth in your business and attain a luxurious lifestyle, it is Dubai-which I prefer to say is the museum of modern engineering and growing economy.