Dubai rental rates are ever high in the first six months of the year, while property sales and value taking a dip. The Dubai property rental rates are highest amongst the prime cities in the world. The spike in rental rates has forced people to move to shared apartments.

Dubai has outstripped property rental rates of major cities like London and Hong Kong, according to a new report from Knight Frank. Property sales value going down despite decrease in prices there is not many home buyers.

According to our Senior Property Consultant, if the rental prices keep on surging, it will increase the investment in real estate sector. More investors will purchase the property and rent it out to increase the profits.

There are certain areas in Dubai that remains attractive for real estate investors. It is also expected that the rental rates may increase more. However, we have seen the Dubai real estate market trends that predicted a property bubble.

According to Gulf News, the rental rates would be much higher in coming months. Certain areas and locations have seen a sudden increase in prices. Many people are moving to Sharjah due to the fact that the property rates are going high in Dubai. It has resulted in price surge in Sharjah property market.

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