The last article was about the architectural genius of modern world – Burj Khalifa, which I addressed as the Crown of Dubai, but today I shall take you through a structure which has more sentiments attached to it for the people of Dubai and entire UAE, and is a more aesthetic architectural artwork than the one discussed before.

The Jumeirah mosque is the biggest and often the most photographed mosque in Dubai for its mesmerizing beauty and austere yet beautiful architecture. Walking through the corridors of the mosque at sunset one would be enchanted with the beauty of the shadow the sun casts upon this structure. This mosque is a perfect amalgamation of engineering of fatimid period and the modern era- the mosque contains artwork of both the periods. The austerity and clean architecture of this mosque makes it stand out amongst the others.

The inside architecture of the mosque mainly consists of three distinct places-

Qibla- This is the name of a wall inside the mosque which faces the Mecca and each Muslim has to face towards this wall while offering prayers to the almighty.

Mihrab- This is a prayer niche right in the centre of the Qibla wall which is said to indicate the exact praying directions to the people there to offer their prayers in the mosque.

Minbar- This is a platform to the right of Mihrab, from where the imam i.e., the one who leads the prayer in the mosque, delivers the sermon.

One interesting thing that one ought to notice as he wanders through the mosque appreciating its intricate designs and artwork is that there are no human figurines inside the mosque as Islam was forbidden to create any figures except that of plants inside the mosques. This is an interesting observation that one might not find in other mosques. The interior of the mosque is decorated with Arabic calligraphy and rich decorations with plants.

Dubai 06 Jumeirah Mosque 03 Ceiling

The most important reason why this mosque is of sheer importance to the tourism of Dubai is that , this is the only mosque which allows non -Muslims to visit the mosque and let them learn about Islam and value the culture and sentiments of Islam. This was a great decision for the tourism of Dubai as many researchers and interested students and scholars visit this magnificent mosque to gain wisdom about Islam and its leaders. All in all Jumeirah mosque truly stands out to be the mosque that one looks at while talking of Dubai.

Dubai as  I have mentioned in my earlier blogs is the place where all are free to follow whichever religion they want , and it equally holds the interest in educating people of other religion and origin about the five pillars of Islam. A place showing so much sensibility is less found on the map and hence, if you get an opportunity to be one of Dubai’s population, take it and you shall never look back again. And in that let help you find the right home here the way it has helped thousand others.