Before I take you closer to this incredible structure, I would like to mention to all the readers that in the next series of articles I will be-venturing on different aspects that make Dubai what it is – the fastest growing economy in the world. I will bring to you the masterpieces of engineering, artwork, and every other thing that makes Dubai one of its kind and leaves you wishing that you own a house here and stay forever.

Burj Khalifa or Burj Dubai (this name remained with it until its inauguration) has several names like vertical city, downtown Dubai, new Dubai but none would be ever enough to acknowledge this engineering masterpiece which has pushed the human limits to unimaginable extent. Who could have imagined shopping at a height of 500 meters from ground level ,offering prayers in a mosque on the 158th floor ,swimming at 400 meters above ground , playing football 300 meters above ground level ,dating their love at actually top of the world and sitting by a lake situated at a height of 600 meters. The answer was none 3 years back, but today one can think of doing all these things just in a single place Burj Khalifa, which is rightly termed the vertical city.

Burj Khalifa Of Dubai Of United Arab Emirates

Till the beginning of the 21st century Dubai was known more for its oil and natural gas resources to the rest of the world and less for its tourism, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum wanted to put Dubai as an ace tourist destination infront of the world and hence came the proposal for Burj Dubai which was later renamed as Burj Khalifa to honor the President of UAE for his enormous support to the project in difficult times.

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Dubai had since history been the home to the highest structure in the world – The pyramid of Giza, but with modernization it lost the race to upcoming skyscrapers around the world, but with Burj it has once again claimed its title and hence, Burj Khalifa is rightly the crown of Dubai empowering its economy more than ever and making every other city in the world jealous of its possession of this enigmatic structure. I have intentionally not discussed the details of the Burj such as its height, the awards it has won etc. as then it would be more of a wikipedia search and less the kind of blog stuff I would like to write.


Sipping a cup of coffee sitting by the window on 150th floor , gazing at the sky with the audacity and announcing “I am as tall as you “, looking down and seeing the world as your subject and you being the king to it sitting above that is what I acknowledge as the real power the Burj Khalifa can give you.

Offering prayers in the highest mosque in the world and hoping God to hear your wishes earlier than others and feeling yourself closer to God than ever before, that is what I proclaim would give you the real happiness of being in Downtown Dubai. And for everyone else shopping , eating , playing , watching movies at the highest theatre and countless such experiences would make Burj Khalifa a monument of happiness that everyone in this world would like to visit atleast once.