1. How much will it cost me to let my property? The costs involved in letting your property consist of: Generally there is no cost involved in letting your property. Commission is payable by the tenant. In case landlord is overseas, there are some costs involved. Please ask your agent for details.

2. Are there any additional marketing costs? Your estate agent should include all marketing expenses within their commission fee but it is worth checking this before you instruct an estate agent, as some may charge an additional fee for advertising etc.

3. Who will conduct viewings on my property and when will they occur? Your estate agent should accompany all viewings during their opening hours. However, in some circumstances they may ask you to conduct the occasional viewing. It is advisable to choose an estate agent who offers flexible working hours to maximise viewing potential and minimise the number of viewings you have to conduct yourself.

4. Do I need to be present for viewings? If your estate agent is accompanying all viewings and they have the access codes and keys for your property then your presence is not required.

5. How much will it cost to have annual maintenance contract for my property? You can take annual maintenance contract with one of the recommended and reputed firm. The cost vary depending on type of property. Please ask your agent for details.

6. How much is the tenant's deposit and what happens to it? Typically this is 5% of the annual rent and is payable upon the signing of the Tenancy Agreement. The deposit is refundable on completion of contract subject to satisfactory inspection of property. It is worth noting that buyers often feel more relaxed when the owner is not present.

7. How long does it take to receive my rent once paid by the tenant? At the time of signing the tenancy contract, you will receive the deposit cheque as well as all rental cheques covering the entire rental period.